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How to pick the best fleet management solutions

Published By: LogiPe on July 11, 2022

The logistics arm has many responsibilities that must be executed smoothly and regularly for the effective running of the company. A fleet management system makes this task efficient and streamlined. It takes care of various steps in the process, including vehicle registration, tracking, maintenance, ensuring driver safety, keeping track of shipments, analysing dispatch routes, and providing reports from the said analysis. The level of automation also reduces the chance of human error and frees up labour for other activities. In the long run, using fleet management services lead to savings on multiple fronts, increasing company profit.


Caption: Fleet management services keep the logistics arm of a company running smoothly.

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Finding the best fleet management solutions

In the present market, there are a large number of fleet management solutions available. Each offers several features at different price points and caters to different needs. A company looking to acquire fleet management software has to consider factors, like those listed here, before deciding.


Each company’s logistics wing has different needs for its niches. Fleet management services come in many kinds. Each one has features that might or might not be essential from a company’s point of view. The firm must have its expectations clear before examining the variety of service providers on the market.

Some features are practically mandatory as they are universally useful, such as cloud syncing and driver apps. On the other hand, some features, such as speed or braking monitoring, are situational and depend on the company’s needs.

There should be a match between the needs of the company and the features offered by the fleet management service. For example, a company specialising in long-distance trucking will have different needs from one focusing on local deliveries. Thus, each will choose different fleet management software.


Similar to the range of features available, there are also various price ranges for fleet management solutions. Price packages range from those for large enterprises to those for small and medium businesses. Buyers weigh the pricing against the features before deciding on the product that offers the most value.

Flexible pricing in the form of a personalized quote helps as no two fleets are the same. A company can choose a slightly more expensive solution in the short run if it leads to savings in the long term.


Fleet management software handles large amounts of data and forms a vital part of any logistics firm. It is paramount that the software is reliable and that any issues are addressed swiftly. Frequent updates from the service provider also indicate that they are committed to the software.

There must be no reliability or security concerns so that the software can help in the company’s seamless running of logistics operations.

Ease of access and usage

Any fleet management solution has to be intuitive to learn by new adopters. It also must be simple and effective to use in daily operations. A company can obtain a measure of how intuitive and clean the working of the software is by requesting a demo or a free trial.

A clean UI and understandable features make the fleet management software more accessible to onboard and work with in the long run. Since efficiency is one of such software’s significant goals, the design and functionality must reflect that. We at Logipe sincerely believe in the ease of doing business for our clients and go beyond our fleet management services to offer other solutions such as reward programs and lending services.

Customer service

Responsive customer service makes a fleet management solution appealing. Fast, helpful customer service helps customers deal with any technical issues relatively quickly and reduces delays in the process. Dedicated customer service is also a good sign that the company is dedicated to its products.

Advantages of fleet management systems

Fleet management solutions are in great demand for the variety of benefits they provide. Companies relying on them stand to gain in terms of efficiency and savings. Fleet management software helps automate and streamline many aspects of logistics, increasing the company’s productivity. Here are some advantages of using fleet management systems:

Simplified fleet maintenance

Fleet management solutions keep track of various aspects of vehicles in the fleet, such as mileage, position on the road, fuel status, and wear and tear. The logistics arm can thus stay up to date on the status of the vehicles in the fleet. Therefore, they can know when there is a need for repairs, upgrades, and maintenance.

Driver safety

Fleet management software keeps track of driver habits and patterns. The software can help flag drivers’ habits that could cause them issues in the long run, such as irregular braking or inefficient fuel usage. The software also incentivises better driving, so drivers implement these practices while on dispatch duty.

Increased efficiency and savings

Efficiency has a valuable role in increasing savings in logistics operations. Monitoring the fleet performance helps pinpoint wastages in fuel. Wastage in fuel could stem from various reasons: poor driving practices, inefficient route planning, or miscommunication. Fleet management helps avoid such inefficiency by streamlining communications while optimising routes and notifying drivers about their driving habits. LogiPe helps drivers to manage their trip expenses and reconcile their payments, which in turn helps in efficient management and increased savings in the long run.

Reports and solutions for the future

Having access to current data helps analyse and plan for the future. Fleet management services make this easier by providing a range of reports and analyses of known data from the fleet, customised for the company’s needs. These reports can help the company understand where improvements and optimisation are needed.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is essential for any logistics company. Using fleet management services helps not only the logistics personnel but also the customers keep track of shipments. The transparency helps them have less uncertainty about dispatches and deliveries. For example, LogiPe’s collections solution sends reminders for payments and links which helps in keeping track of deliveries.


Fleet management solutions are vital for any firm’s logistics arm’s smooth functioning. Choosing one involves weighing multiple significant factors. Weighing the costs and benefits and comparing competing offers helps arrive at a reasoned decision. Here at Logipe, we offer valuable fleet management services in addition to payment reconciliation, streamlining the logistics process. Visit our site now to learn more about our services.