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Advantages of using a Fleet Management System for your vehicles

Published By: LogiPe on July 25, 2022

In the field of logistics and transport, a fleet management system is an integral part of any company’s toolset that helps improve efficiency. With the multitude of fleet management service providers available currently, it is no longer restricted only to large corporations with large fleets of vehicles. Smaller businesses too can avail themselves of fleet management services and stand to benefit from them. Saving costs and increasing efficiency, these services help boost businesses’ profits across various industries.


Caption: Fleet management systems make the management of large fleets simple and efficient.

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What is a Fleet Management System?

A fleet management system performs a range of functions for the logistics end of a company. These include, but are not limited to, registering vehicles, assigning them to drivers, keeping track of their inventories, ensuring driver safety, and general fleet monitoring. All these functions are automated and centralised. The software also records and analyses data in this regard and provides regular reports, upon which the business can act.

What are the benefits of a fleet management system?

Using a fleet management system helps a company in various ways. Here are 5 prominent benefits:

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    Without fleet management systems, it is impossible to examine the individual fuel usage of each driver. However, using them lets the company keep track of individual driving habits and possible inefficiency in fuel usage, cutting down on losses. For example, proper use of mileage and avoiding idling losses can be taken care of by prompt analysis by a fleet management system. This enables savings on the go. LogiPe provides debit cards which can be used at any place to get a cashback and can also help in tracking expenses.

  • Help better route planning

    A fleet management software uses to produce efficient routes for vehicles on the road. This cuts down on fuel expenses, and also saves time. Further, vehicles best suited to each kind of journey are assigned as required, optimising the usage of resources. By comparing various route and vehicle combinations, the fleet management software can arrive at optimal solutions.

  • Increase Driver Safety

    Drivers are vital components of the logistics arm of a company. Their safety directly affects the productivity of the company as a whole. Fleet management software helps monitor driver behaviour such as speed, handling, braking patterns, and driving hours while on dispatch duty. A fleet management system helps understand possible issues in driving practices. As a result, a company can educate drivers on better driving habits, keeping them and the vehicles safe. LogiPe provides driver insurance at zero cost and offers driver benefits up to 2k per month.

  • Track Vehicle movements

    For any fleet manager, knowing the positions and status of the vehicles promptly is a significant benefit. This enables clarity and transparency for all parties involved. Further, it allows for real-time updates and information to be sent both ways, improving decision-making and reducing delays.

    Having this information at one’s fingertips enables the smooth execution of the logistics side of the business. The customers are also benefited as they have regular information on the whereabouts of their deliveries. This builds trust in the company.

  • Provide regular actionable reports

    Fleet management systems not only help analyse data in the present, but they also help in planning for the future. Based on data obtained from vehicles in the fleet while on duty, fleet management software can generate reports that help in decision-making for the future. These reports can be customised and adjusted to meet the company’s specific needs. The analytics arm can gain valuable insights from such information, which helps them plan for the future.

Choosing the best company for fleet management

There is a multitude of fleet management companies on the market that offer their services for a range of prices. Choosing one out of them might not seem a straightforward decision. In this section, we try to establish criteria for deciding what companies are best for fleet management.

  1. Pricing

    Any business wishes to make the best deal for itself when making a new investment. When it comes to fleet management software, there are a variety of prices. Potential buyers should compare the pricing of various companies with their ratings. Usually, a more expensive product has better value, but this has to be verified with reviews and company history.

  2. Ease of usage

    The best Fleet Management Software is easy to gain familiarity with and intuitive to use. It is worth having a free trial of the software or booking a demo to get an idea for the product. The ease of usage can make a piece of software much more effective at its job, which is to help streamline the logistics part of the company’s work. One can manage driver expenses, payments, and access the dashboard easily on the go with LogiPe’s mobile app as well as from the website.

  3. Features

    Each fleet management software offers different features. Potential buyers must be clear on their goals and expectations of a fleet manager, and choose accordingly. Paying for utilities they will have little use for is a wasted investment. Many fleet managers offer uses that cater to specific niches, which customers must consider before buying. Further, any software purchased should also comply with local laws and regulations.

  4. Integrations

    Versatile fleet management systems make their onboarding easier by having a range of integrations inbuilt. Multiple integrations help them make the best use of other software used by the buyer and increase effectiveness. For example, LogiPe has FASTag, UPI, card and other integrations, so that everything can be managed from a single point.

  5. Company image and customer service

    In addition to the software’s features, the company’s image is also important in deciding. Is the company committed to its software? Does it release regular updates? This commitment could mean that the software receives maintenance when needed.

    Customer service is also essential. Is the customer service team responsive and helpful? A good customer service team means that issues with the software are dealt with promptly.


As we have seen, there are a large number of benefits to using a fleet management system. Equally, there are a large number of questions that need to be addressed when picking one.LogiPe is a one-stop financial solution offering services to streamline payments, manage driver expenses, and manage FASTag payments for fleet owners. Find out more about us and our services here.